VO and SVO (Fast Semi-Direct Monocular Visual Odometry) – Introduction and Evaluation for Indoor Navigation –

Currently I wrote a paper that gives an introductory overview on visual odometry (VO), an approach for visual position and orientation estimation. While there are different methods to achieve this problem, this paper concentrates on monocular systems using a single camera. Besides general fundamentals of visual odometry as a starting point to VO, this paper gives an overview to a novel approach for real-time visual odometry with a monocular camera system called Fast Semi-Direct Monocular Visual Odometry (SVO) proposed by Forster et. al. SVO expects to enable VO with unprecedented accuracy, robustness and perfor­mance. We evaluated and analyzed the applicability of SVO regarding the use-case indoor navigation for robots and humans. For this purpose different general and environment specific experiments have been performed that are described and analyzed in the scope of the paper.

Paper: AAIS_VO_SVO_Introduction_and_Evaluation_Indoor_Navigation_2015

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